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Yoga chairs used for Iyengar yoga poses

Yoga Chair Prop – Standard and Tall Backless Metal Folding Chairs

This BKS Iyengar inspired Yoga Chair Prop is used around the world in yoga studios by teachers in order to help their students align their bodies into its ideal position.

Serious practitioners of yoga often have a home practice and maintain an assortment of props like blocks, bolsters, belts, chairs etc. to assist them.

The Yoga Chair Prop is used in over 50 different poses, many that require two chairs.

The standard-sized chair is manufactured without a front lower rung, enabling the chair to be used in a wide variety of ways. Salamba Sarvangasana, Viparita Dandasana and Pinca Mayurasana are a few examples.

After the back has been removed, the chair is then smoothed and hand-painted to match the factory color. Paint brush marks are normal.

For orders within the United States:

  Individual Chair $39.95
Plus shipping – $25 per chair

  2 or More Chairs $39.95 each
Plus shipping – $15 per chair

  Tall Chairs $129.95 each
Plus shipping – $25 per chair


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